The Aberdeen Baseball Club was founded in 2013 when 8 players joined together to form the Granite City Oilers. The club competes in the Scottish National Baseball League and is the premier club in the Northeast of Scotland. The Granite City Oilers were the founding team for the Aberdeen Baseball Club, but was joined by a second team, the Aberdeen Express, a budding youth program both established in 2018, and the Aberdeen Thistle Women’s Baseball Team established in 2020. Among their ranks are players from as far away as Dundee as the sport continues to spread throughout Scotland and the UK. The Oilers and the Express compete against three teams from Edinburgh, the Cannons, Diamond Devils, and Giants, and two from Glasgow, the Comets and Galaxy. The bar has been set high for our club by setting the goals for one of the two teams to win the league and the Caledonia Cup while maintaining a top-tier permanent baseball field in the Northeast of Scotland.


In 2018, the club achieved the goals it set forth for that year. The first permanent baseball field in the North, the northern most baseball diamond, was constructed and a youth program was established. The club also participated in several community outreach programmes such as clean-up days and the local Celebrate Aberdeen parade. These are vital to future development and growth of the sport of baseball in Scotland, and establishing a lasting legacy for generations to come.


The future is bright for the Aberdeen Baseball Club and we hope you will join us on the journey!