Aberdeen Creates New Women’s Baseball Team


This year has certainly not gone according to plan. The Coronavirus pandemic has cancelled far more than just a baseball season. Though we are still not able to come together and play or practice, some good news has come out of this dark period. A couple weeks ago we celebrated Women In Baseball Week, and what better way to continue that than to announce the formation of our very own Women’s baseball team. The Aberdeen Thistle Women’s Baseball Team was created after a unanimous vote by the Aberdeen Baseball Club Committee last week.

The formation of the women’s team was headed by club Committee Member, Baseball Scotland Board Member, and Women’s Baseball-UK Board Member, Casey Mackenzie.


Casey is in her third year with the club and proved to make an impact from her first appearance. She has taken an active role in the club helping run the youth programme and was the first female umpire in Scotland. In 2019, she became an official committee member as she the Youth Coordinator. Casey has also gone on to play an active role throughout Scotland and the UK, becoming a board member of Baseball Scotland, as the National Youth Coordinator, and Women’s Baseball-UK, as the Safeguarding Officer.


When asked what this team meant to her, Casey said, “Growing up in Aberdeen there weren’t many opportunities for girls to play sports like baseball. Having Aberdeen baseball club here has shown that it is open to all with no distinction of gender or age. Although the main clubs still cater to having mixed teams, giving women the opportunity to grow the sport is amazing.”


Aberdeen has a long-standing tradition of women playing a prominent role in the sport as supported by this statement from the Club President, Paul Arant:

“Aberdeen Baseball Club is proud to continue leading the way when it comes to providing opportunities for all the members of our local community. Our club was the first in Scotland to have a woman win a Scottish National League award, and the first to have a starting female pitcher who was also the first woman to record a win on the mound. Due to the hard work and dedication of our Youth Coordinator Casey Mackenzie, we are now proud to be the first club in Scotland to have a dedicated women’s baseball team.”


With any form of a season likely in jeopardy, the club has at least brought a bit of light into the darkness that is the 2020 season. Now, looking forward, plans can be developed to further drive the growth of the sport in Aberdeen and beyond.


The Thistle will be a part of the new Women’s Baseball League being formed in the United Kingdom, and is headed by Women’s Baseball-UK Chairwoman Amanda “Doris” Hocking. They will join teams from Bristol, Cambridge, Kent, and Sheffield. As restrictions are lifted, and practices resume, expect to see more women’s baseball teams forming in the near future.


If you would like to be a part of the Women in Baseball movement, get in touch today!

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