2018 Season Opener

The 2018 Season will open on April 1st for all teams across Baseball Scotland. The Granite City Oilers will host the Glasgow Comets as the Oilers seek to make a strong opening statement to their season.

Last season saw the Oilers and Comets place 4th and 5th respectively, so this match up might set the tone for how each team does this season. The Glasgow Baseball Association had a reshuffling of management which has led to a very proactive off-season. While the Oilers management remains the same, manager Stephen Evans attended the BSUK Coach Summit, where he worked with Team GB Head Coach Liam Carroll and University of San Francisco Head Coach Nino Giarratano. Both clubs are making positive strides in the off-season, which should make for a fun and exciting game come April 1.

First pitch is scheduled for 12pm at Links Field in Aberdeen. The field is located next to Linx Ice Arena, down by the beach.

As for the rest of Baseball Scotland; the Edinburgh Diamond Devils host the Edinburgh Giants and the Glasgow Galaxy host the Edinburgh Cannons. Both games are set for a 1pm first pitch.

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