2018 AGM Recap

Date: 21 January 2018
Location: Bridge Street Social Club
Aberdeen Baseball Club
The Annual General Meeting started off with a recap of the previous year’s progress as a club, and with a final showing of the Baseball Scotland League Table for the 2017 Season (A consensus about Aberdeen being the 2018 League winners was reached).
After the introduction, the team started elections on the new committee for the 2018 season. The results were as following:
President – Stephen Evans
Vice President – Jared Thomley
Treasurer – Nicholas Care
Secretary – Lass Kobani
Fundraising Officer – Dale Beaver
Social Media Officer – By Committee
Social Secretary – Ross Marnie
Once the elections were completed, president Stephen Evans then moved on to the next point. The team was told about current attempts of Baseball Scotland to become the governing body of baseball in Scotland. For this to be possible, a minimum of 500 members are required across all six teams in Scotland. The members of the Aberdeen Baseball Club were then handed forms (two each) to recruit new members. These members are not obligated to play for the team, but can also be honorary fans.
Next, the team was informed of Oilers clothing for training sessions. All new players get their first t-shirt free of cost, while any additional t-shirts cost eight pounds each. The shorts however must be bought by anybody regardless of when they have joined (if the desire to purchase exists). For both of these, bulk orders will be placed by president Stephen Evans, who will then distribute the items once arrived.
The team was then reminded of the team fees (£75 for students and U-18, £100 for everyone else). The due date for these fees is: 25 February 2018.
Afterwards, the usage of funds for new equipment was discussed. It was then collectively decided that new bats were a necessity. This was however a rather quick discussion, as the main topic of the club’s fund usage was a backstop for the baseball field. Two options were presented:
1. Purchasing netting and poles separately, and assembling them afterwards. The main problem with this was that the net (72x12ft) can be acquired for a low price, however no compatible poles can be found as of now.
2. Purchasing a full backstop system (131x20ft). This would cost around £2087.99, however prices may deviate a little.
Staying on the topic of funds, the meeting went towards how additional funds could be generated to make the previously discussed purchases possible. The team was then re-introduced to “Easy Fundraising”, a website through which one can make purchases on their usual websites normally, while passively generating some funds for the club. While on the topic of generating funds, the race night was also brought up. The current plan is to co-arrange a race night with Bon Accord Amateurs and split the profit afterwards.
After wrapping up the topic of funds, president Stephen Evans informed us of upcoming usage of social media to keep fans and members updated on events and games, while the app GameChanger will be the main tool for the players. The team was then also informed that this app will be used by all the other teams in Scotland as well, which will unify all the league’s statistics into on place, where it will be available to the teams’ members and fans free of cost. This move will also improve the accuracy, and decrease uncertainty about other clubs’ player statistics.
Subsequently, training times were discussed. From 21 January 2018 to 4 March 2018, there will be indoor training sessions from either 6pm to 8pm or 7pm to 9pm at ASV on pitch 3. There will also be another hitting-only session at Sheddocksley on Sundays from 12pm to 1pm. There will be no training on 11 March 2018 and 18 March 2018, but will then continue 25 March 2018. On 28 March 2018, Wednesday evening training sessions start again at 6pm.
The next topic was the next season’s game rules. Single games will be nine innings long and double headers will be 7 innings per game. For double headers, there will be no new innings after two hours, however if a new inning starts before those 2 hours finish, that inning will be played to completion.
Afterwards, the team took a vote to find out if enough members were interested in attending the Belfast tournament representing the Granite City Oilers. Ten members said that they were interested. More about this tournament is to come soon. There was also the introduction of the Playoffs/Baseball Scotland Cup.
There was also mention of the youth league. Volunteer coaches are needed to coach the young players. Training will a be single two-hour session per week. If enough young players are gathered, the season will start mid-May and end in mid-July. The number of games is yet to be decided. The youth camp/clinic will be at ASV.
The last topic of the meeting was the Umpire Clinic. This event will be on 17/18 March 2018 at Warriston Playing Fields in Edinburgh. This will cost anybody who is interested in participating 30 pounds, and will go from 10am until 5pm. Lunch will be provided for participants. This event is a one of a kind, because it is a rare chance to be coached on umpiring by top level umpires from the UK and also the home of baseball, U.S.A.
With this the Annual General Meeting came to a close. It was a successful meeting, where a lot was discussed, and decided that will surely move the club forward on its path of becoming a professional baseball club within Scotland.
*Contact President Stephen Evans for extra-member, equipment, and clothing forms.

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